Intro To Jury Duty

Tomorrow I need to take time out of my artificially busy day to do my civic duty.  No, not to vote.  I mean I have to go to jury duty.  It's not so bad though, I almost welcome the opportunity because it has a legitimate potential for fun.  If it had come at a time in my life that wasn't as busy I wouldn't mind at all.

Still, I probably won't get picked, just because I tend think everyone is guilty as charged and it probably shows through in my mannerisms like a wallpaper pattern through paint.  I guess I'm too suggestable.

I filled out the questionnaire ahead of time, just as requested.  Some of the questions seem like they should be irrelevant and perhaps even inappropriate.  Race, education, religious preference ?  These answers would seem to allow a jury selection that is not an accurate cross-section of the general populace.

I go to court

It's possible that my answers will be received with mild skepticism.  I didn't write caucasian for my race because I'm not from the region of Caucasus.  I don't know why white people are collectively referred to as caucasians anyway.  It's like calling Native Americans by the label Indians, even though they are not from India.

I also accurately listed my religion as Pastafarian.  If anyone actually looks at this answer, it could go a couple of different ways.  Most would probably read it as Rastafarian and move on.  Others might reject it as an illegitimate religion based on relative obscurity.  Either mistake would be unfortunate.

Because you're feigning interest right now, I'll let you know how the day goes.