The Mail Goggles--They Do Something

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Leave it to Google to keep the useful new GMail features coming.  Such as this one, the Mail Goggles.  You can enable a basic math test that requires correct answers before you are allowed to send email between a predefined set of hours (like, say, hours on the weekend that you're likely to be drinking too much booze).

mail_goggles.pngI thought it was a joke, but I checked my Gmail account, and sure enough it was there.

Unfortunately this test does not apply well to all audiences.  As an engineer, I am very familiar with mathematics and I'm pretty sure I could solve these expressions no matter how trashed I might be.

So for Mail Goggles 2, I suggest they include an engineer option that replaces the problems with differential equations.  Or on second thought, maybe not.  Then it would seem too much like work and I wouldn't send any email at all.

1 Comment

For most engineers they could just replace the math problem with a spelling quiz...although I may not be able to pass that sober.