Wassup 2008

Remember that old "True" Budweiser advertisement from the year 2000 ?  The one where the five guys were on the phone gratuitously and rhetorically asking each other what was happening at the time ? 

Well, the original cast from that commercial reunited to create an unofficial spot for the Obama campaign, in the same theme as the original commercial but adjusted to be relevant to today's economic and social climate.  It's somber yet inspiring, kind of like Obama's message to the American people.

I don't mean to impose myself on you here, but I very strongly encourage you to vote in this presidential election--and I equally strongly suggest you vote for Barack Obama.  Early voting is available now in many states (including Texas), and if you vote early you get to pick the polling place you want to go to, you can avoid the lines on November 4, and you'll have it out of the way just in case you get too busy that day.

Having said that, I'm not actually voting for Obama myself.  Neither of the forerunners are remotely qualified for the job, but one of them has to win and Obama is by far the lesser of the two evils.

My vote is going to be more idealistic.  I would really like to vote for the Libertarian Party, but the nominee this year is Bob Barr, who is (oddly) in many ways the antithesis to Libertarianism.  Given that, my only other choice remaining (although still a poor one) is to vote for Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party.  At least he supports many of the same ideals as myself, and is supported by the most qualified (former) candidate Ron Paul.

So do I vote for a party that I believe in that is fronting someone I don't like, or for a party I don't agree with that is fronting someone I moderately do like ?